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For over 30 years, Eagle-Picher Industries has been involved with boron products and the separation of boron isotopes.

Today, the Boron Department of Eagle-Picher Industries operates a state-of-the-art facility, which is the largest in the Free World, for producing enriched boron products. Enriching(or altering) the ration of boron 10 and boron 11 atoms is performed using a highly-efficient proprietary process.

In natural boron compounds, only 19.8% of the boron is the boron 10 isotope. Boron 10 has a very high thermal neutron capture cross section(over 3,800 barns when compared to boron 11's 0.005 barns).
Examples of Eagle-Picher's Enriched Boron Products   In addition, when boron 10 captures a thermal neutron it does not produce any long-lived radioactive daughter products. As a result of this, it has found wide application in the nuclear industry.