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  Enrichment services in the AREVA Group are provided by EURODIF.
The Georges Besse plant started industrial production in 1979 and is the most modern of the gaseous diffusion facilities in the world.

It currently supplies the enriched uranium requirements of over 40 utilities world-wide. Its in-built flexibility means it can operate at between 20% and 100% of its full capacity.

This allows EURODIF to optimise its operations by coinciding periods of peak production with cheap electricity tariffs. From February 1999, EURODIF becomes an ˇ°eligibleˇ± customerˇ± in a position to receive electricity from any European-Union utility and thus able to take further advantage of such opportunities.
General view of the Tricastin site in the Rhone Valley where EURODIF enrichment plant is located
Diffusers, Components of the enrichment Cascade