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ARCO Oil and Gas Crane Country, TX Nitrogen Rejection Unit
  Chart Process Systems Division(PSD, former PSI) is a recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced systems and components for the cryogenic, gas processing and high vacuum industries. As an integrated engineering/manufacturing/construction company, PSD offers complete customer service ranging from feasibility studies to turnkey installations.

PSD is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chart Industries, Inc. and has engineering and fabrication facilities in Westborough, MA and Ne Iberia, LA

Custom Services
cryogenic processing of hydrocarbons and industrial gases. Applications include Nitrogen Rejection Unit(NRUs) and air separation cold boxes

Standard Cryogenic Systems
helium liquefiers for government and university research use and emerging industrial applications

High Vacuum Equipment
thermal deep vacuum chambers used to test satellites, often supported by cryogenic systems to help simulate outer space; vacuum coating and metallizing

designer and manufacturer of fabricated piping and equipment supports