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  The ITT Neo-Dyn Industrial Switch organization provides standard and custom switches for the industrial, chemical process, and energy markets. ITT's leadership in skilled design, testing, manufacturing, and service for high performing reliable pressure switches has set the standard for the industry.
Neo-Dyn's commercial and industrial switches have the highest quality, quickest delivery, and most competitive pricing available in the industry. Our leadership is the result of total commitment to cutting edge research and development for new products, materials and manufacturing methods to meet the most challenging applications - present and future.

Neo-Dyn switch types are categorized as follows:

Gauge Pressure Switch
Gauge pressure is the difference between atmospheric pressure and a variable pressure.

Differential Pressure Switch
Actuates when pressure to the "high port" exceeds the pressure to the "low port" by a predetermined value.

Vacuum Switch
Compares pressure being sensed to atmospheric pressure. Positive pressure switches sense monitors pressure above atmospheric while vacuum switches sense pressure below atmospheric.

Temperature Switch
Same as gauge pressure switch with the addition of a fluid vapor charged sensing probe. This probe is exposed to the "basic sensor" to establish reference with pressure variation due to temperature change.

Flow Switch
Senses differential pressure generated by flow through a venturi to actuate an electrical switch at a predetermined flow level.

100P NEMA 4 & 13
105P NEMA 1& 2
112P NEMA 7 & 9