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  Westinghouse plans, manufactures and delivers machinery and complete turn-key systems for the energy and waste disposal industries world-wide.

Westinghouse belongs to the leading manufacturers of systems and components for the treatment of liquid and solid radioactive wastes, e.g. high force compactors, solidification systems, drying systems or centrifuge systems.

Westinghouse's products and performances comprises the full scope from concept development, engineering, planning, construction and design via production, assembly, start-up to conditioning service, maintenance, recurrent testing and quality assurance.

The market success of Westinghouse's products and services is closely linked to their quality and is directly related to meeting the customer's requirements.

SUPERPACK - The Mobile 2000t Supercompactor
(Low bed trailer with Supercompactor - uncoupled)
CENTRIFUGE SYSTEM for the treatment of
contaminated waste water (Shop test)